Meaning of uncinariasis in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʌnsɪnəˈrʌɪəsɪs/


another term for ancylostomiasis
‘The epidemiology, life cycle, pathophysiology and treatment of uncinariasis are reviewed.’
  • ‘The treatment of uncinariasis is now made efficient by two drugs; thymol is given in doses of thirty grains repeated in two hours.’
  • ‘As De Leon and Maldonado state in their excellent treatise on the subject: ‘All of these data point to man as the primary factor in the epidemiology of uncinariasis.’’
  • ‘The successful work of the first Anemia Commission and two other commissions in the diagnosis and treatment of uncinariasis led in 1912 to the establishment of the Institute of Tropical Medicine.’
  • ‘It is said to succeed better than thymol in hookworm (uncinariasis) and, unlike that agent, can be given in association with castor oil, the latter also increasing its efficiency.’


Early 20th century from modern Latin Uncinaria(the name of a genus of hookworms) + -iasis.