Meaning of uncirculated in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈsəːkjʊleɪtɪd/


  • (especially of a note or coin) that has not been in circulation.

    ‘An official order form for the 2004 uncirculated coin set can be received from the Central Bank & Financial Services Authority of Ireland by phoning 1890 307 607.’
    • ‘Collectors of everything from uncirculated coins to Parker shotguns agree that there are three criteria in determining the worth of a collector's item - rarity, authenticity and quality.’
    • ‘This reduces the price, even if the coin is uncirculated.’
    • ‘Yet (with the exception of Carosso), their research on Drexel remains in the form of private, uncirculated drafts.’
    • ‘The coins could, in uncirculated condition, be bought for face value, while in proof condition one had to pay double face value.’
    • ‘The catalogue price for this coin is in uncirculated condition is estimated to 10,000 baht, so I think the buyer did very well.’
    • ‘The cargo of the ship ‘Brother Jonathan’, which sank in 1865 off the northern California coast, included a large number of gold coins, some of them uncirculated Double Eagles.’
    • ‘The coin is now available in an attractively illustrated presentation folder and struck to what is called brilliant uncirculated standard (a higher quality than standard circulating coins).’
    • ‘In short, the government should mint coinage for circulation only (and perhaps proof and uncirculated sets for collectors), and leave commemorative minting to private enterprise.’
    • ‘Replacement notes are normally much more expensive than the ordinary note, so it might be worth checking your notes, especially when getting uncirculated ones.’
    • ‘These experimental prints were produced in just a few uncirculated impressions.’
    • ‘He also points out that ‘early readers of Dante's Commedia could not have been expected to know the context in the Convivio ’, given the uncirculated status of that work.’
    • ‘I'd also bet a whole roll of uncirculated 1919-S Standing Liberty Quarters that these auction results were cooked!’
    • ‘Most old coins, British or foreign have no appreciable value unless of gold or silver, or from a low-mint year, or in uncirculated pristine condition.’
    • ‘The banknotes are close to uncirculated condition and estimated at 35,200 to 44,000 baht.’