Meaning of unclasp in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈklɑːsp/

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[with object]
  • 1Unfasten (something fastened with a clasp or similar device)

    ‘they unclasped their seat belts’
    • ‘Jason unclasped the chain and fastened it around her neck.’
    • ‘When she unclasped the device, the two covers popped apart, revealing a metal container and a single lens in front.’
    • ‘Ceremoniously she unclasped the gilded clasp, and took out the wrap of heroin that now contained a gram of South Gloucestershire brickdust.’
    • ‘He grabbed a satchel charge, carefully unclasping the clasp and flipping the tan covering off, revealing plastic explosives and a carefully placed set of syringes.’
    • ‘I pulled my clutch bag from the sofa and unclasped the bottle shaped clasp.’
    • ‘He may have survived the initial impact and it was possible he had unclasped his seatbelt, as there was no sign of it being forced.’
    • ‘I unclasped my seat belt and locked all the doors, my utmost security measure in case of imminent fright, while I stared outside looking for a sign of life.’
    • ‘We unclasped our seat belts and got out of the car.’
    • ‘The detector could easily be wired to activate a dashboard alarm light similar to ones that notify a driver that a seat belt is unclasped.’
    • ‘He unclasps the hinge, still working perfectly seven centuries after being made.’
    • ‘He reached up around his neck and unclasped his silver chain with the cross pendant on it.’
    • ‘They seem to think that live theatre is like TV or a movie - that you can eat during it, comment during it, unzip and unclasp various items during it and of course, answer your cell phone.’
    • ‘Merrick took a deep breath and steadying the crate with one hand, unclasps the door with the other, pushing it open.’
    • ‘‘It's the cape,’ said Barnabus authoritatively, deftly unclasping the offending article from Alice's neck.’
    • ‘He closed his eyes, reached up a hand shrouded in shadows, and unclasped his cloak, letting it fall off his head and onto the ground.’
    • ‘With a small gasp of delight, the mer-kid stroked its edges gently, unclasped the lid, and pulled the small box open.’
    • ‘Ricky gently took it out from the box and unclasped it.’
    • ‘Curiously, she unclasped the box and lifted up the lid, her emerald eyes widening in excitement from what she saw inside.’
    • ‘He unclasped his cloak and wrapped it around her, rubbing her arms.’
    • ‘Unexpected to all of them, the weirdest thing happened when Helen unclasped the bracelet and handed it over to Hika.’
    remove, detach, disentangle, extricate, separate, release, loosen, loose, disconnect, unfasten, unclasp, unclick, uncouple, decouple, undo, unhook, unloose, unhitch, untie, unyoke, disentwine
    1. 1.1Release the grip of.
      ‘I unclasped her fingers from my hair’
      • ‘I pulled my hand forward and unclasped my fingers releasing a dust particle of truth.’
      • ‘Tori returns Uke to the upright position, by moving forward a bit on the left knee, and releases Uke by unclasping his hands.’
      • ‘As she did so she unclasped her fingers and revealed a silver locket.’
      • ‘Russell was clasping and unclasping his hands nervously.’
      • ‘He was folding and unfolding, clasping and unclasping them nervously.’
      • ‘James fidgeted in his chair, nervously clasping and unclasping his hands.’
      • ‘Lord, please keep him safe, Sara prayed, nervously clasping and unclasping her hands.’
      • ‘Then I sighed and released her, and gently unclasped her arms from around me.’
      • ‘He clasps and unclasps his hands together, looking at the floor, face reddening, wheezing and snorting.’
      • ‘Miriam clasped and unclasped her hands on the table in front of her, uncomfortably aware of her sweaty palms.’
      • ‘Catherine just stared at them both in shock and anger, clasping and unclasping her hands in a steady rhythm.’
      • ‘He clasped and unclasped his hands as he searched for the right words to say.’
      • ‘She watched him slip back into his shoes and clasped and unclasped her hands as she wondered what to say.’
      • ‘Andrew asked, staring at her as she clasped and unclasped her hands in her lap.’
      • ‘Justin clasped and unclasped his hands in his lap but finally decided to look up at Jamie.’
      • ‘When Mr. Power has finished, the sociable, peaceful Mr. Bloom, though an object of amusement to the other men in the carriage, merely unclasps his hands ‘in a gesture of soft politeness.’’
      • ‘Instead, he unclasped his hands and shuffled the papers on his desk.’
      • ‘Dima unclasped her hands and pressed her palms against the desk.’
      • ‘Ferdinand unclasped her arms and held her chin- ‘We have no other choice.’’
      • ‘Gwen unclasped her hands and grabbed a handful of nuts.’
      untie, undo, loose, let go, unhand, unloose, unbind, unchain, unleash, unfetter, unclasp, unshackle, unmanacle, extricate, unhitch, unbridle, detach, unclick, disentangle