Meaning of unclassifiable in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈklasɪfʌɪəb(ə)l/

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  • Not able to be assigned to a particular class or category.

    ‘the rock contains some unclassifiable arthropods’
    • ‘Almost a third of the participants, at both lapse and relapse points, obtained scores in the ‘other’ or unclassifiable category.’
    • ‘It is strangely unclassifiable television - a caustically comic, surreptitiously sudsy thriller that has alienated a whole tranche of strait-laced Americans and so delighted many more.’
    • ‘Their tireless determination to challenge themselves - and their audiences - resulted in some of the most gloriously unclassifiable music of the past year.’
    • ‘An almost unclassifiable mixture of mystery yarn, supernatural story and character study, Frozen has an ambition and originality that has become all too rare in British cinema.’
    • ‘Book as soon as the dates are announced, because Hashirigaki is an unclassifiable, unforgettable experience - the stuff that masterpieces are made of.’
    • ‘It suggests that he must possess a very particular, yet profoundly unclassifiable sensibility: that he must, in fact, be rather a good composer.’
    • ‘It should have been less Wordsworthian; it's unclassifiable.’
    • ‘It's remarkable, unclassifiable and vividly delivered on what is altogether a very finely presented disc.’
    • ‘To place the unclassifiable Rodin among the Impressionists might be considered perverse.’
    • ‘More and more often bands were releasing records that fell into some area of unclassifiable intent.’
    • ‘The nation as a whole is too varied, fickle, inconsistent and unclassifiable for that to work.’
    • ‘It's been repeated by many critics and fans that Donnie Darko is simply an unclassifiable movie, bringing elements of suburban culture, science fiction, fantasy, and family drama to the screen in just under the running time of two hours.’
    • ‘However, this general problem of the volume is enlivened by a few apparently illogical digressions and unclassifiable curiosities.’
    • ‘An unclassifiable mixture of animation, drama, love story, coming-of-age-tale-slash-concert movie, Hedwig is adapted from Mitchell's off-Broadway hit of the same name.’
    • ‘At the bottom of the ladder is raw, chaotic nature itself, composed of invisible organisms and an unclassifiable mass of life that feeds, grows, dies, and stinks in dark, mysterious places.’
    • ‘The latest film from Gabriele Salvatores, director of the Oscar winning Mediterraneo, melds several genres whilst remaining refreshingly unclassifiable.’
    • ‘Funk, reggae, hip hop, electro, acoustic drum 'n' bass and the rhythms of música nordestina are all subsumed into an unclassifiable but very soulful whole.’
    • ‘Then there were several books of physics, and after that there were a series of books signed by Aristotle which dealt with matters unclassifiable within the established schema.’
    • ‘He also called Australia a ‘chimera’, the word applied by classical authors to unclassifiable monsters.’
    • ‘A Getty official ushered me into a roomful of largely unclassifiable objects, randomly placed on steel shelving.’
    marginal, indefinite, uncertain, unsure, unsettled, undecided, up in the air, doubtful, open to doubt, problematic, indeterminate, unclassifiable, ambivalent, equivocal