Meaning of unclimbable in English:



See unclimbed

‘The Obsidian Wall is unclimbable at the moment as it is currently an 80 foot waterfall.’
  • ‘I drove by Coopertown's playground last summer and noticed that things haven't changed - same fields, same swings, same maddeningly unclimbable oak - except for the kids.’
  • ‘In her Traver installation, an unclimbable staircase led to an unopenable door in a black-painted room, with perhaps bleak implications.’
  • ‘On the other hand, conservatism has its own deep ditches, its unclimbable walls, its immutable old ideas sealed in concrete.’
  • ‘For practical purposes it is unclimbable, and the nuts are harvested by waiting for the fruit which contains them to ripen and fall to the ground.’