Meaning of unclip in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈklɪp/

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verbunclips, unclipping, unclipped

[with object]
  • Release from being fastened or held with a clip.

    ‘Mark unclips his badge and tosses it onto the desk.’
    • ‘Once he unclips his microphone and leaves the studios, he's a little more animated.’
    • ‘‘Yes,’ Falnec said, unclipping the unit from his belt.’
    • ‘In one fluid movement, Latte swivelled around, unclipped a grenade from his belt, pulled out the pin and threw the grenade down the corridor.’
    • ‘But apparently this was what the stranger had wanted, and he unclipped his bow and notched an arrow to it in a flash, then let the missile fly.’
    • ‘To somewhat console his thoughts he unclipped his bow from his back and set it on his lap, ready to leap into action at the slightest thing suspicious.’
    • ‘Freezing his right hand, he instead unclipped the bag containing the box from his belt with his left hand, and held it gently upwards.’
    • ‘I unclipped my seat-belt in order to get the dog out as soon as possible.’
    • ‘He unclipped his helmet and took it off; a short hiss of escaping air saw that the seal of the helmet was broken.’
    • ‘All in place and connected, I unclipped my camera from its leash and descended the line.’
    • ‘Without a word to Cale, Lynx unclipped his bow and notched an arrow to its string.’
    • ‘But now I can also unclip the M.U.L.E.'s chest and waist thingies, letting the unit hang slack.’
    • ‘But occasionally a diver will forget to unclip his tag.’
    • ‘I managed to unclip my seat belt and fell to the floor.’
    • ‘Of course I am going to put my seatbelt on when I drive, it is second nature, but I unclip it to reverse up my tricky driveway.’
    • ‘The bouncer unclipped the rope and Tyler walked in.’
    • ‘After Rez was safely on-board, he jumped off and unclipped the four lines holding the Anna Maria in her slip, and tossed the ropes back on-board to Dominic.’
    • ‘Antoni unclipped the two-way from his belt, and pressed down the talk button, ‘Corey, you there’.’
    • ‘The bouncer smiled and unclipped the rope once again.’
    • ‘Dr Clipse unclipped the ring and took it off the boy.’