Meaning of uncloak in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈkləʊk/


[with object] literary
  • Uncover; reveal.

    ‘I shall uncloak the mystery’
    • ‘There's the teacher in charge of the debating team, who's as desperate to uncloak Justin's potential as he is to guide other promising students into success.’
    • ‘She can't wait to free and uncloak herself more in her singing.’
    • ‘I suppose if an angel was extremely strong, they could use the energy in their place of birth to uncloak themselves, but I have no support for these wild flights of fancy.’
    • ‘As a practicing Buddhist, Shea's attempt to crosshatch and uncloak these seemingly disparate elements as mere veneers is none too surprising.’
    • ‘Our simple and occasionally fun jargon uncloaks what are truly complex concepts and grants the reporter and the public an opportunity to think about the ideas rather than puzzle over the names of things.’
    show, display, exhibit, disclose, uncover, expose to view, allow to be seen, put on display, put on show, put on view, bare
    bring to light, uncover, turn up, expose to view, lay bare, unearth, dig up, excavate, unveil, unmask, detect, betray, be evidence of, indicate, demonstrate, manifest, evince, make clear, make plain