Meaning of unclose in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈkləʊz/


[with object] rare
  • Open.

    as adjective unclosed ‘an unclosed file’
    • ‘As I walked past the corner of Fairmount and St-Urbain last month, I thought I'd lost my mind, or maybe I'd been in some sort of time-warp, because a restaurant that had closed its doors over five years ago had suddenly unclosed its doors.’
    • ‘One huge loophole that was left unclosed was the funding of the parties' national political conventions, which get millions in public funds but are also allowed to accept support from local civic groups.’
    • ‘There was something about his vulnerability, his panting and closing then unclosing his fists.’
    • ‘There were about a dozen unclosed and unopened tags, as well as various bits of dysfunctional detritus lying about.’
    • ‘This unclosed loop is then linked around another loop.’
    unbolt, unlatch, unbar, undo, unfasten, unclick, unpick, unseal, unclose, open, free, throw open, throw wide