Meaning of unclothe in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈkləʊð/


[with object]
  • Remove the clothes from (oneself or someone else).

    ‘Remember when Lazarus was raised he needed help to unclothe him from his burial clothes.’
    • ‘Lear is making progress unclothing himself when Gloucester arrives.’
    • ‘Your jacket was taken off and you unclothe yourself.’
    • ‘Don't unclothe your heroine, then contort her thighs and torso in an unnatural attempt at modesty.’
    • ‘He thus employed the language of clothing and unclothing the body to advertise his ideals and fears to members of his communities.’
    • ‘Out of habit from the old days, when I couldn't trust that the bathroom was a safe place to unclothe any part of myself, even just the small amount involved in using the toilet, I locked both doors.’
    • ‘They should unclothe the subject, weigh, listen, observe vital capacity, and take blood, urine, and fecal samples.’
    • ‘And then later, ‘For you, I have unclothed myself before a woman’.’
    • ‘Under normal circumstances I would have never unclothed myself like that, but I was sure they were going to bring me special ritual clothing anyway.’
    • ‘During one of the visits with the Maids of Honour, they women unclothed themselves in front of Gulliver.’
    • ‘When the MacLachlan man was unclothed he ordered the man to walk back to his clan.’
    • ‘Thus begins a madcap quest to unclothe five unfortunate elves and regain the transportation spell!’
    strip, relieve, denude