Meaning of uncoated in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈkəʊtɪd/


  • Not covered with a coating of a particular substance.

    ‘The lower wells were covered with uncoated 8-m pore-size polycarbonate membrane filters before assembly of the chambers.’
    • ‘We only make uncoated papers at our two mills, so the trend away from coated papers is clearly working in our favour.’
    • ‘This coating absorbs 10-60% of reflection more than uncoated lenses.’
    • ‘To make a calotype, uncoated sheets of writing paper are covered with a silver nitrate solution, dried and then dipped in potassium iodide to make silver iodide.’
    • ‘The Raman laser optical cavity was formed by coating one of the waveguide facets with a multilayer coating, while leaving the other facet uncoated.’
    • ‘The consumption of uncoated free-sheet paper, for instance - the most common kind of office paper - rose almost fifteen per cent in the United States between 1995 and 2000.’
    • ‘For the abaxially coated leaves of Hedera helix the leaf drying curve also exhibits a point of inflection, though the initial decline of the transpiration rate is not as pronounced as for the uncoated leaves.’
    • ‘Low temperature, low voltage scanning electron microscopy of uncoated pollen grains was performed as described previously.’
    • ‘The samples were examined uncoated with a gaseous secondary electron detector within a water vaporous environment.’
    • ‘Soot was studied uncoated using an S3000N Hitachi variable pressure SEM.’
    • ‘Point being that positive attributes we see in design elements like Gotham and uncoated paper zoom obliviously past people's heads.’
    • ‘This allowed uncoated specimens to be examined and elemental distributions to be determined using an energy dispersive X-ray microanalyser.’
    • ‘They were printed on uncoated, yellowed paper and the style of illustration was very old fashioned and maybe a bit suburban.’
    • ‘An uncoated lancet was used as the negative control.’
    • ‘Taking the car again as an example: uncoated cars would last only a year or two before rust rendered them unsightly and unsafe.’
    • ‘Then take it out and put the uncoated side into the egg mixture.’
    • ‘The second highest lung burden of uncoated fibers (12,908,314 fibers/g dry weight) occurred in an individual with pleural mesothelioma.’
    • ‘Since platinum prints are made on uncoated fine art papers (such as watercolor paper), the image is embedded in the fibers resulting in a softer, more painterly look than other black-and-white processes provide.’
    • ‘To address this, the motions of BSA-coated and uncoated particles were compared with 3% polyethylene oxide, which has a modulus comparable with cross-linked F-actin.’
    • ‘The researchers tested several permutations of the lubricant system: an uncoated AFM tip on an uncoated silicate surface, coated tip on bare surface, bare tip on coated surface, and both surfaces coated.’