Meaning of uncollected in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnkəˈlɛktɪd/

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  • Not collected or claimed.

    ‘the reward remained uncollected’
    • ‘It was losing money largely because it had to ferry in extra staff to try to bring down the backlogs of unprocessed benefits claims and uncollected council tax.’
    • ‘The filing says the Sands Macau is not issuing credit to gamblers despite Macau's new gaming credit law because the company cannot take a tax deduction for uncollected gaming debts.’
    • ‘And although agreeing that a debt and its proceeds were different assets, the court declined to consider each in isolation: the nature of the charge on the uncollected debts depended on the freedom the chargor had to deal with the proceeds.’
    • ‘Accordingly, he held that the charge on the uncollected book debts and their proceeds was a fixed charge.’
    • ‘That is why the amount of uncollected debt has increased so dramatically since Labour has been the Government.’
    • ‘Pensioners are being urged to claim tens of thousands of pounds in uncollected benefits.’
    • ‘District council bosses are set to write off more than £67,000 in uncollected council tax because officers believe the debts are impossible to recover.’
    • ‘He said the amount of uncollected income tax in 1991/1992 was around Rp 5.08 trillion, increasing to Rp 31.08 trillion in 1999 / 2000.’
    • ‘There are something like £100m of uncollected fees where colleges have chosen not to collect a fee when they could have.’
    • ‘The second problem is the percentage of uncollected loans in banks which increased to $144 million in 2003, thus forming about 13 per cent of the total granted credit.’
    • ‘North Yorkshire Police were not told the 60-year-old man, from the York area, was missing until 8pm on Sunday night when his car was still uncollected from the Folk Hall in New Earswick where he had left it.’
    • ‘Cllr Morris claims he has seen up to eight weeks of Cllr Semple's official correspondence uncollected at the town hall and has questioned how he can understand residents' concerns when he lives 400 miles away.’
    • ‘The commercial success in Newbridge is not reflected in the streetscape of the town, we have a huge amount of uncollected levies and these should be used to fund a huge renewal programme.’
    • ‘A council spokesman defended the procedures and said gardaí at both Anglesea St and Bridewell stations are made aware of all uncollected cars at the pound at close of business every night.’
    • ‘Last year the council heard up to 19 million was outstanding in uncollected levies with less than 12 million collected from a total levy demand of over 30 million.’
    • ‘He said that the 2003/04 figure marked a big improvement on the previous year when nearly a third of council house rent went uncollected, costing the council 4.1m.’
    • ‘A survey from public services union GMB reveals that in 2004/2005 £3,073,000 was uncollected from taxpayers in the city.’
    • ‘Murphy says his ‘phone was hopping’ with calls from angry residents about the mess in Ardmore Terrace after many of the discarded items were left uncollected.’
    • ‘Manchester performed worst in the table with 10.4 per cent of council tax going uncollected while Eden in Cumbria came top with just 0.6 per cent.’
    • ‘The Child Support Agency left £3bn uncollected.’