Meaning of uncolonized in English:


(British uncolonised)

Pronunciation /ʌnˈkɒlənʌɪzd/


  • (of a place) not yet colonized.

    ‘But many of the former English-speaking colonies are now better off than the mother country, while uncolonized Ethiopia and Nepal remain poor.’
    • ‘Other writers in this collection find imperial pressure on all the states of Asia, including uncolonized China, to be quite significant.’
    • ‘Studies have suggested that prairie dog colonies have higher avian densities and are more species rich than uncolonized areas.’
    • ‘Partly because of the Caribs, Grenada remained uncolonized for more than 100 years after its discovery; early English efforts to settle the island were unsuccessful.’
    • ‘Due in part to the defensive capabilities of the Carib Indians, Grenada remained uncolonized by European countries for most of the sixteenth century and half of the seventeenth century.’