Meaning of uncomfy in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈkʌmfi/


  • Not comfortable.

    • ‘I feel kinda uncomfy here, I think I'm going to sit over here, so I don't match.’
    • ‘We've just been to Ikea, and I said to her that I needed a proper studio chair for the kitchen, because the dining chairs were too uncomfy.’
    • ‘He is obviously pretty uncomfy - he has broken ribs on top of all the other ailments so is finding it hard to get comfy.’
    • ‘On several occasions over the last few weeks I've suddenly thought ‘Dang, this chair is really hard and uncomfy.’’
    • ‘It makes me feel uncomfy but I don't know why and I worry slightly that it might become ‘hip’ to go off and be ‘spiritually enlightened’.’
    • ‘But is anyone else a little uncomfy with the Academy deciding that certain actors get singled out and others get lumped into a quick montage?’
    • ‘I've always been uncomfy with the notion that ‘funding for the arts’ is a legitimate function of government.’
    • ‘I need to know things will be OK, that it's worth this almighty struggle between comfy and nice, or uncomfy and better.’
    • ‘Showing your boyfriend that you're not uncomfy being around both of them should diffuse any distrust.’
    • ‘And so, back to the topic, I feel uncomfy around people who agree too quickly to things.’
    • ‘This is not a political post, so my few friends who are uncomfy with my views on this election can read it.’
    • ‘If that were to happen our ride would become very… uncomfy.’
    • ‘I guess they could make your so uncomfy, but that seems either unlikely or like a really useful thing to discover.’
    • ‘You're gonna become one unhappy, sore and mundane dude if you wore uncomfy shoes all the time.’
    • ‘DJ nodded and then turned to the uniform she was required to wear, ‘That looks really uncomfy.’’
    • ‘I let out a low groan to let the surrounding world know I was awake, but other than that didn't move from my rather uncomfy spot on the hard wooden floor.’
    • ‘Ward's partner, former linebacker Chris Spielman, initially was uncomfy also.’
    • ‘They run into a room with our beautiful brunette on the uncomfy hospital bed.’
    • ‘The Zetra's are pretty uncomfy after a while, as the edges of the cuff do tend to dig in.’
    • ‘I sat down on the frightfully uncomfy seat and placed the sword on the battered wooden table.’