Meaning of uncomment in English:



[with object]Computing
  • Change (a piece of text within a program) from being a comment to be part of the program that is run by the computer.

    • ‘You can uncomment those lines separately, to verify the type of compiler error you'll see when trying each, proving the inherent safety of events over delegates in this situation.’
    • ‘When testing, you can uncomment the 30-second test line to make sure everything's working properly, but be sure to comment it back out before trying to catch a show.’
    • ‘To enable POP3, you have to uncomment the pop3 entry on the file/etc/inetd.conf.’
    • ‘In order to get a graphical login screen presented to a querying host, the/etc / X11 / xdm / Xaccess file needs to have the following lines uncommented.’
    • ‘Until a new version is available, you can fix this bug yourself by uncommenting line 38 in Upstage/ and deleting ‘giftopnm’ flag ‘- background ‘#fff’ ‘in line 63.’’