Meaning of uncommunicated in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnkəˈmjuːnɪkeɪtəd/


  • Not expressed or revealed; secret.

    ‘we all knew there was an uncommunicated, hidden agenda’
    • ‘an uncommunicated inward intention’
    • ‘The uncommunicated part of her story points perhaps in a different direction.’
    • ‘An uncommunicated policy does not exist.’
    • ‘An uncommunicated inward intention is wholly irrelevant.’
    • ‘An unrecorded or uncommunicated decision, even if made at the same time as the decision to refuse or grant conditional consent, would not suffice.’
    • ‘I'm using the idea here because it's too good to sit in Matt's brain uncommunicated to the world at large.’
    confidential, strictly confidential, top secret, classified, restricted, unrevealed, undisclosed, unpublished, untold, unknown, uncommunicated, behind someone's back, under wraps, unofficial, off the record, not for circulation, not for publication, not to be made public, not to be disclosed