Meaning of uncommunicative in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnkəˈmjuːnɪkətɪv/

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  • Unwilling to talk or impart information.

    ‘he had always been quiet and uncommunicative, having few friends’
    • ‘the uncommunicative Emily disappeared’
    • ‘Tolerance of long waiting times, lack of information, uncommunicative staff, and failures to seek patients' views and take account of their preferences is wearing thin.’
    • ‘And if Namibians themselves are irritated, then imagine the impressions of the visitor or tourist who almost always meets an unfriendly and uncommunicative face?’
    • ‘Duncan, a precocious, affectionate child, had failed to live up to his academic potential, and had become withdrawn and uncommunicative.’
    • ‘The baby grows into a withdrawn, uncommunicative girl who is sent to a special school because no-one knows that she was born under a holy star that gives her supernatural powers, making her invaluable to the Satanic fraternity.’
    • ‘Yair, only a year or two younger than Maya, has become distant and uncommunicative.’
    • ‘At times she became profoundly withdrawn and totally uncommunicative; at other times she was wildly excited, violent, and destructive.’
    • ‘Remote and uncommunicative was their description as Whyte avoided the hoi polloi, preferring to spend time with the corporate elite.’
    • ‘Mayfield saw that Arning, who was withdrawn and uncommunicative, quickly found a means of expression through drawing.’
    • ‘… Was my father so uncommunicative that I couldn't ever picture him in any close relationship?’
    • ‘Hume wanted Specter to commit in advance to the proposition that a nominee's being only as uncommunicative as Ginsburg cannot justify a filibuster or even a ‘no’ vote.’
    • ‘But he is still seen by others as being rather serious and uncommunicative in public, especially when compared to the imaginative, publicity friendly ‘man of the people’ Dyke.’
    • ‘Philip Green, below, has a reputation for not being the easiest interviewee, but pity the poor soul who found him in uncommunicative mood when grilled by a financial website.’
    • ‘‘We appear to be, my father and I, compulsively uncommunicative but articulate,’ she says when I ask her about this statement.’
    • ‘It is this primal, often uncommunicative nature of those who work the land and the seas, and therefore make up a fair percentage of the rural male population, that is at the core of these suicide statistics.’
    • ‘But his usual easy-going charm seemed to have temporarily deserted him, and she found him terse, uncommunicative, clearly unsettled by her absence.’
    • ‘While for some, video games conjure up the image of the socially withdrawn and uncommunicative male, the milieu of video games is intensely social.’
    • ‘It was quite astonishing how uncommunicative he was.’
    • ‘Went back to J & S's for a cup of tea and a chat, and I became largely uncommunicative due to burgeoning exhaustion…’
    • ‘Calce, 36, had troubles with the law in the past and was estranged from his parents, who proved uncurious about his uncommunicative state.’
    • ‘‘She became really uncommunicative, angry with everybody and brutal to her mother,’ recalls Hardwicke.’
    taciturn, reserved, shy, retiring, diffident, reticent, laconic, tongue-tied, at a loss for words, mute, quiet, unforthcoming, unconversational, untalkative, silent, tight-lipped, close-mouthed, guarded, secretive, secret, unresponsive, close, private, media-shy, distant, remote, aloof, withdrawn, stand-offish, unsociable, antisocial, unfriendly, clamlike, playing one's cards close to one's chest
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