Meaning of uncomplainingly in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnkəmˈpleɪnɪŋli/

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‘Which is why the neighbours and I have put up, uncomplainingly, with the erection at the end of the road of a gigantic and hideous silver pole with a CCTV camera on top of it.’
  • ‘We are accustomed to governments not doing what we elect them to do, so we carry on uncomplainingly (or complainingly in my case) without demanding answers from our elected representative.’
  • ‘They uncomplainingly accommodate the way my unpredictable life impacts on their safety procedures and have got to know me, my husband, Nina's childminder and various other members of my extended kin group in the process.’
  • ‘By contrast, many artists, especially the ‘free groups’ feed themselves uncomplainingly on the bread of mercy and have gotten accustomed to dancing on shaky stages.’
  • ‘The Stoic philosophy calls upon man (a term which, as the old joke has it, embraces woman) to live in line with nature's laws, and to accept uncomplainingly whatever fate may send him.’