Meaning of uncompounded in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnkəmˈpaʊndɪd/


  • 1Not mixed.

    ‘these poisons in their uncompounded form may only be supplied to persons known to the pharmacist’
    • ‘We say, then, that the divine Person of God the Word exists before all things timelessly and eternally, simple and uncompounded, uncreated, incorporeal, invisible, intangible, and uncircumscribed.’
    • ‘Even simple uncompounded thoughts can't get into your head!’
    • ‘In the case of these great masters, the occurrences described are an expression of their realization of the insubstantial and uncompounded nature of all things.’
    • ‘As this awareness dawns, the quality of mind itself manifests as unborn and uncompounded.’
    • ‘As an outcome of meditative experience, whatever appearances may arise can be transformed through meditative insight into a realization of the nature of all things as insubstantial, uncompounded, and only existing interdependently.’
    • ‘If we describe nirvana in such terms as uncompounded and the cessation of passion, which are beyond the ordinary norm, there will be less danger of misleading people, and they might pause and think more.’
    non-compound, non-complex, uncompounded, uncombined, unmixed, unblended, unalloyed, pure, basic, single, elementary, fundamental
    1. 1.1(of a word) not made up of two or more existing words.
      ‘the prefix could be employed with any uncompounded verb’
      • ‘An uncompounded word's morphological form is not distinct from its phonological form.’