Meaning of uncondensed in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnkənˈdɛnst/


  • 1Not changed from a gas or vapour to a liquid.

    ‘water in gaseous or uncondensed form’
    • ‘This primordial energy is "free" or in an uncondensed state.’
    • ‘Fig. 6A shows the fraction of uncondensed DNA in solution.’
    • ‘The quantity of uncondensed steam rejected from the cylinder, per pound of steam supplied, is, therefore, 76.531.’
    • ‘Condensed DNA binds ligands more strongly than the uncondensed ones.’
    • ‘A very powerful solar wind swept the uncondensed gas out of the Solar System and into the interstellar medium.’
    • ‘The return of the uncondensed steam would involve not only the return of the charge of heat contained in that steam, but also the return of all the energy which the vapor had yielded during its expansion.’
    • ‘A "bubbling chamber" is a flask where uncondensed gases are derived during the process of synthesis.’
    • ‘Uncondensed exhaust gas may be routed from first collection vessel 470 through heated tempered glass tubing to a second collection vessel 475.’
  • 2Not shortened or compressed; whole.

    ‘the uncondensed edition’
    • ‘I referred to my 968-page, 2-pound, 5-ounce "Condensed Materia Medica" (I wonder what the uncondensed edition weighs!)’
    • ‘The poems are also insistently personal, at times extended and uncondensed.’
    • ‘I just rediscovered an amazing, lengthy (with 21 parts) "uncondensed history" of the station that's located on the KUOI website.’
    • ‘You should see the uncondensed version.’
    • ‘In Shakespeare's uncondensed edition the killing is done by dispatched assassins.’
    • ‘There is way too much material to wade through in LaFave's uncondensed volume.’