Meaning of unconquered in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈkɒŋkəd/

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  • Not conquered.

    ‘unconquered French outposts’
    • ‘cancer remains, largely, unconquered’
    • ‘A Bradford mountaineer has successfully climbed his third unconquered peak.’
    • ‘We liken it to the last unconquered territory.’
    • ‘Their factuality is historical, even where it is still that of brute, unconquered nature.’
    • ‘While Europe has embraced Veirs's distinctive alt-folk songwriting and her clear, breathy, intimate voice, her homeland remains largely unconquered.’
    • ‘This ‘real mountaineering’ was the international race to climb the rest of the unconquered Himalayan giants, a race that he gamely entered.’
    • ‘And didn't it give you a warm glow to watch the new, improved Power of Three square up to the unconquered, unrepentant and increasingly unhinged Cole?’
    • ‘The philistines may have triumphed on the streets of the 2008 Capital of Culture, but surely the galleries were unconquered?’
    • ‘Nor were they going to the Khyber pass, but to Jalalabad, which, along with the Kandahar garrison, remained unconquered.’
    • ‘In his mind, he is already leader, leading Britain to fresh, unconquered heights of economic glory.’
    • ‘If a mountaineer plans to climb several unconquered peaks, he is ambitious.’
    • ‘More than sixty years later and despite vaunted, and controversial, attempts to make this region bloom, it remains largely unconquered by agriculture.’
    • ‘Two members of British Everest party led by Sir John Hunt, Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, became the first to climb the hitherto unconquered peak.’
    • ‘The district known as the Laveroch remained unconquered during the time of Henry II, Richard still did not subdue it, as he lost more men in its vastness than he did fighting.’
    • ‘At the same time, European missionaries and technicians were invited to the kingdom as the guests of a powerful and unconquered African head of state.’
    • ‘First Seljuks and later Ottomans maintained pressure on Constantinople, hoping to take a symbol of unconquered strength and great strategic importance.’
    • ‘In 1911, the Matterhorn's last remaining unconquered ridge, the Furggen, was summitted.’
    • ‘After spending six months behind bars for possession, Emily emerges torn between grief, unconquered heroin addiction and a young son she barely knows.’
    • ‘Now he possessed the power over southeast Europe, with the exception of Constantinople, which still remained unconquered.’
    • ‘This left him virtual king of the unconquered portion of Algeria, and in 1839 he again attacked the French, this time with Moroccan support.’
    • ‘A gossip that could defy the very elements of mathematical reasoning behind an expression left unconquered by the masses in question.’
    triumphant, conquering, vanquishing, winning, champion, successful, top, first, second to none