Meaning of unconsidered in English:



  • 1Disregarded and unappreciated.

    ‘a snapper-up of unconsidered trifles’
    • ‘This week's Classic trials will no doubt throw up one or two previously unconsidered names but we've decided to highlight four horses which could take high-rank in the Classic pecking order as the season progresses.’
    • ‘If that story conflicts with your present view of your life, that's valuable: there may be an insight, an unconsidered possibility, a fresh perspective.’
    • ‘SIR - I wonder how many of your readers are aware of a frequently unconsidered risk accompanying the already stressful business of moving house?’
    • ‘Babbin's revelation raises heretofore unconsidered aspects of the issue, and for that reason I flag it here.’
    • ‘The only power source yet unconsidered, and the one that is unjustly vilified in the court of public opinion, is nuclear power.’
    • ‘This paper looks at the previously unconsidered racial stereotype of whiteface utilized by Anglo Americans in the middle of the nineteenth century to distance their working-class from those of the newly arrived immigrant Irish.’
    • ‘The accelerating course of this patient's hypoxemic respiratory failure despite therapy suggests the likelihood of either an unconsidered or discarded diagnosis, or the presence of a second process superimposed on the first.’
    • ‘The genetic contributions of his mother, Mary Anne Wallace, to Wallace's independence, spiritual qualities, and kindness are unsuspected, unconsidered, and unknown.’
    • ‘This result was somewhat hard to interpret, as no explicit phylogenetic hypothesis was made, and the effect of phylogeny on, among other things, the independence of comparisons went unconsidered.’
    • ‘While computer modeling of DNA sequence evolution also offers the ability to test the limits of statistical tools, untested assumptions and unconsidered processes are not included.’
    • ‘The claims of ‘the public,’ which underwrites federally funded research and pays academic salaries through taxes and tuition, remain unconsidered.’
    • ‘At a deeper level the book works to stimulate a questioning of our basic, often unconsidered, assumptions about what we do and why we do it when we attempt to practice psychotherapy.’
    • ‘For example, this safe space of the convent offers a myriad of previously unconsidered possibilities to Theresa in Gish Jen's novel, Typical American.’
    • ‘As such, contemporary journalistic criticism provides a resource that has gone largely unconsidered by academic television research in recent decades.’
    • ‘Midelfort shows that Weyer's ideas on witchcraft, which forced jurists to begin considering medical testimony in such cases, had a broader, hitherto unconsidered, impact on the law.’
    • ‘The main point of a Smart Person Book is to draw the reader's attention to otherwise unconsidered details of the phenomenon in question, or to point out odd parallels between different manifestations.’
    • ‘There remains the question of the unconsidered parts of this appeal.’
    • ‘The thought, previously unconsidered, brings a laugh from the big, affable Sixmilebridgeman.’
    • ‘These suggestions were just relatively unconsidered dictum - discussions of matters that really weren't at issue in the case - and are likely to be seen by the Court as having only modest precedential effect.’
    uncritical, unreasoned, unthinking, unconsidered, mindless, injudicious, undiscerning, indiscriminate
  • 2(of a statement or action) not thought about in advance, and therefore rash or harsh.

    ‘I realize that my unconsidered remarks were dangerously indiscreet’
    • ‘The study suggests unconsidered responses could be more important to some voters than a rational study of a candidate's merits.’
    • ‘The unconsidered application of a theory based on one case history to another conflict can lead to disaster.’
    • ‘These were not unconsidered remarks, as Bellamy repeated the substance of them in a telephone interview with the South African Mail and Guardian.’
    • ‘As Jo Moore discovered when she e-mailed a colleague suggesting that September 11 was a good time to ‘bury bad news’, an unconsidered thought can easily translate into a national scandal.’
    • ‘This is not an unconsidered comment.’
    • ‘To be a candidate for possession of integrity the person's choices and evaluations must be her own: her identifications with her desires must be neither subject to unconsidered change nor be distorted or confused.’
    • ‘Asked if she never realised the danger in blindly signing documents, she said: ‘In hindsight now, I do recognise that our actions may seem as if they were unconsidered.’’
    • ‘In his public discourse nothing that Hickey says is random or unconsidered.’
    • ‘I have some corkers, but it's often the late, unconsidered letter that makes the reader shout with glee.’
    • ‘That unconsidered photograph will be your legacy, the only thing your great-grandchildren know of you.’
    • ‘The committee meeting took almost a whole day, which in itself is unusual for virtually one item, and hardly indicative of an unconsidered judgment.’
    • ‘Why not do something about our money, which looks like the most unconsidered piece of design in the Western Hemisphere?’
    • ‘He said at the time that the process it used for selecting films was ‘capricious, shallow, unconsidered and contradictory’.’
    • ‘Mumbai's ordeal-by-deluge holds important caveats for India's dynamic of unconsidered, runaway urbanisation.’
    • ‘The thing with crime in the real world is most of it's extremely stupid, most of it is unplanned, unconsidered, and not even having a great motivation.’
    • ‘In effect, Rongomaiwahine and Ngati Hine meet the criteria and should not be prevented from recognition by the exercise of that unjust and unconsidered veto.’
    • ‘He had little time for Irish neutrality, describing it as an unconsidered stance that stemmed from the ‘desire to make a virtue out of a lack of necessity’.’
    • ‘Many senior figures in the SHU and many more at grassroots level feel the ‘Team GB’ proposal was rushed and unconsidered.’
    • ‘This unconsidered approach is, of course, completely normal in Britain where blowing a trumpet about ourselves, our achievements or our homes is viewed as somehow unhealthy and weird.’
    • ‘Inexperience makes itself obvious through unconsidered and overcompensated design - design that makes up in clutter for what it lacks in compositional sense.’
    rash, careless, thoughtless, incautious, heedless, unheeding, inattentive, hasty, overhasty, precipitate, precipitous, impetuous, impulsive, daredevil, devil-may-care, hot-headed