Meaning of unconsolidated in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnkənˈsɒlɪdeɪtɪd/


  • Not consolidated.

    ‘unconsolidated gravel and sand’
    • ‘The main sources of gravel are unconsolidated superficial or drift deposits of Quaternary age.’
    • ‘There, fault planes parallel to the fjord display red coloration, red cataclasite in zones up to 10 cm thick, and wide zones of unconsolidated breccia or gouge.’
    • ‘When the seal on an unconsolidated, overpressured sand body fails the resulting steep hydraulic gradient may cause the sand to fluidize.’
    • ‘Forceful injection of unconsolidated sand can occur in all directions.’
    • ‘Geologists commonly reserve the term placer for unconsolidated sediment - materials that have not been lithified.’
    • ‘‘Tertiary’ or alluvial rock came last, a mixture of unconsolidated rock and gravel, typically found on low land.’
    • ‘However, if you do this, increase seed rates, as unconsolidated seed beds lead to slow emergence and slug damage.’
    • ‘We support an end to annual pay increases and their replacement with one-off, unconsolidated bonuses.’
    • ‘Thus, there is no indisputable diagnostic evidence in the photograph to support Meert's claim that the unconsolidated material is a well developed paleosol.’
    • ‘Mountain Lake sediment was primarily unconsolidated, and composed of sand-sized organic particles, quartz sand and clay aggregates.’
    • ‘Many modern asteroids with similar large disks are feeding generalises living on unconsolidated substrates.’
    • ‘So, at that point, we simply melted away and dropped this enormous, unconsolidated mass of poorly-sorted data and erratic errata as a sloppy moraine, where you have been so unwise as to stumble across it.’
    • ‘Therefore one may reasonably assume that fluid circulation inside unconsolidated sediments must play an active role in settling sedimentary structures.’
    • ‘The unconsolidated financial statement of the fund, released on October 20, showed the company had sold a 47.26-per cent stake in its subsidiary Doverie Capital since the beginning of the year.’
    • ‘Second after HSBC's unconsolidated deposits base is Bank of China, with deposits totalling HK $600.6 billion.’
    • ‘In its unconsolidated earnings report, the Osaka-based nonlife insurer said it chalked up a net loss of 19.80 billion yen in a sharp turnaround from a 3.83 billion yen profit the previous year.’
    • ‘In unconsolidated villages, women worked on a household's scattered strips alongside their female neighbors and often quarreled with them over wandering poultry or livestock.’
    • ‘Other income and expenses include rental income, gain/loss on the sale of fixed assets, income or losses associated with joint ventures or unconsolidated subsidiaries.’
    • ‘Suddenly the entire structure, built on the unconsolidated sediments of the Tagus RAver estuary, sank into the sea, as if swallowed up by the devil himself.’
    • ‘But with the growing size of its investment in hotels, can Woolies continue to allow MGW for example to remain unconsolidated and not even equity accounted?’