Meaning of unconstitutionally in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʌnkɒnstiːˈtjuːʃ(ə)nəli/

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See unconstitutional

‘In yet another egregious political machination, however, Fujimori supporters in congress unconstitutionally thwarted this popular initiative on a dubious technicality.’
  • ‘The White House claims the Congressional agency is overstepping its bounds and unconstitutionally interfering with the functioning of the executive branch.’
  • ‘The second defect was that the language of the act was unconstitutionally vague, and could make illegal much more commonly employed types of second trimester abortions.’
  • ‘The Court found that this unconstitutionally favored voters in sparsely populated counties over heavily populated counties, such as Cook County.’
  • ‘He concluded: ‘My clients were treated illegally and unconstitutionally.’’