Meaning of unconsumed in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnkənˈsjuːmd/


  • (especially of food or fuel) not consumed.

    ‘this invariably leads to unconsumed food accumulating on the bottom’
    • ‘Rather than trying to save by storing the bread the baker can now exchange his unconsumed bread for money and avoid the need of storing the bread.’
    • ‘When a baker sells his bread for money to a shoemaker, he has supplied the shoemaker with his saved unconsumed bread.’
    • ‘No attempt was made to measure the rate at which unconsumed fruits fell to the ground.’
    • ‘However, as rates of consumption would be slower in the cold, more remained unconsumed in the cold.’
    • ‘Moses, in the King James Version, sees a burning bush that remains unconsumed.’
    • ‘It mostly remained unconsumed beneath my seat.’
    • ‘Under the influence of my soon-to-be student allowance regime I expect to become someone with an orderly fridge, never letting meat sit unconsumed past its best by date, never throwing out perfectly good leftovers.’
    • ‘Although the operant feeders detected bird-induced food deliveries, rather than consumption per se, we never found unconsumed items in the hoppers at the end of the day, so these data accurately reflect consumption.’
    • ‘Unconsumed feed was collected from the cup and the carton box and weighed each day between 6 and 7pm to determine the daily consumption of each of the birds (the original weight of feed minus the weight of unconsumed feed).’
    • ‘The first component of m is the number of eggs that alpha could have provisioned with pollen reallocated from destroyed beta larvae with unconsumed pollen.’
    • ‘We can see here that the saved or unconsumed 40 apples enable the making of the stick, which raises the production of apples and lifts John's living standard.’
    • ‘As a result, increased amounts of surface algae left unconsumed by the zooplankton could potentially lead to algal blooms and poor water quality.’
    • ‘Fish wastes and unconsumed feed smother the sea floor beneath these farms, generating bacteria that consume oxygen vital to other sea life.’
    • ‘His unconsumed beer bottles lay splattered by the curb.’
    • ‘We transferred the birds to the second roosting aviary and we counted the number of unconsumed maggots left on the foraging platform.’
    • ‘It fell as flat as so many unconsumed tequila poppers.’
    • ‘The bunk management approach was designed to allow for 0 to 0.5 kg of unconsumed feed per pen.’
    • ‘They climb on leaf blades and clip them off, causing the blades to fall unconsumed to the ground.’
    unutilized, not made use of, unemployed, unexploited, not in service, non-functioning