Meaning of unconsummated in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈkɒns(j)əmeɪtɪd/

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  • (of a marriage or other relationship) not having been consummated.

    ‘a loveless, unconsummated marriage’
    • ‘any alliance with Lovejoy remains frustratingly unconsummated’
    • ‘It's about John Ruskin's unconsummated marriage to the Countess Euphemia, or Effie.’
    • ‘First there is Meghan, an auburn-haired beauty, whose friend Clara is beaten by her husband on her wedding night, has her unconsummated marriage annulled and enters a convent in 1916.’
    • ‘In 1853, while painting his portrait in Scotland, Millais fell in love with Ruskin's wife Effie, the victim of an unconsummated marriage, whom he wed in 1855.’
    • ‘You may be seeing more patients with a long-ignored but serious problem: unconsummated marriage.’
    • ‘His unconsummated relationship with the milkwoman, played with a smouldering air by Barbara Flynn, was a metaphor for all his missed opportunities.’
    • ‘I stood on the bemired beach with Dianna on the first month anniversary of her unconsummated marriage.’
    • ‘Stopes' first marriage was unconsummated and then annulled in 1916 and so she found herself researching the subject.’
    • ‘Controversially, in 1997 she published Emma in Love, an update of Jane Austen's novel in which Emma leaves her marriage to Mr Knightley unconsummated and falls passionately in love with a French baroness.’
    • ‘Afterwards, the marriage unconsummated, Catherine has numerous affairs and begins to curry favour with the army.’
    • ‘His undergraduate relationship with Hughes was physical but unconsummated, as was quite normal in the early 1950s, a period when comparatively few students were having sex.’
    • ‘Doughty-Wylie was married, and the relationship between them was fated to be unconsummated and secret.’
    • ‘They marry, but the marriage is kept secret and unconsummated for a year.’
    • ‘The novelist himself lived for many years in unconsummated love with a happily married woman who accepted him as part of her family.’
    • ‘There is also a homely, unworldly duo, Mitch and Mickey, played by Catherine O'Hara and Levy: a pair deeply traumatised by their unspoken, unconsummated love for each other.’
    • ‘Irving can't conceal his vicarious delight in this unconsummated passion, ‘which remained a crush, at room's length, no more’.’
    • ‘Male-female friendship with an unconsummated erotic subtext becomes much healthier for a woman because it obliterates the potential for pain that always seems to accompany romantic involvement.’
    • ‘The story of unconsummated middle-class adultery began life as a one-act play, Still Life, in the compilation Tonight at 8.30.’
    • ‘The unconsummated love between Cathy and Heathcliff had perhaps more to do with being personifications of the very land they lived on.’
    • ‘Edouard was very attractive to women, but he also had loves that were unconsummated, yet still very significant, with men.’
    • ‘Two years on, he has become her protector, her unconsummated lover, her student - and her only prison visitor.’