Meaning of uncontactable in English:



mainly British
  • (of a person) not able to be contacted by phone or other means.

    ‘he is holidaying in Tasmania and is uncontactable’
    • ‘He calls me back in ten minutes, having miraculously spoken to the previously uncontactable vendor.’
    • ‘Thirty minutes later, Goldstone was apparently uncontactable.’
    • ‘I was uncontactable, my social life was really ruined.’
    • ‘My client has been out of the city on business for several days and was therefore quite uncontactable.’
    • ‘We made up to 10 attempts to contact each patient at different times of the day before we declared them uncontactable.’
    • ‘He is away at the moment, and uncontactable, so not in a position to put the record straight, or otherwise.’
    • ‘It is understood the site's developer has been uncontactable for weeks yet a lengthy list of essential work at The Oaks still remains undone.’
    • ‘Players and officials were suddenly and terminally uncontactable, and even when mobile phones were answered, no one would talk on the record.’
    • ‘If you choose, you need (almost) never be uncontactable.’
    • ‘The principal remained uncontactable throughout Thursday.’



/ʌnˈkɒntaktəb(ə)l/ /ʌnkənˈtaktəb(ə)l/