Meaning of uncontradicted in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʌnkɒntrəˈdɪktɪd/


  • (of a statement) not contradicted.

    ‘there was uncontradicted evidence’
    • ‘In any event, the defendant's uncontradicted testimony is that she was present when that work was done and assisted with everything but the heavy lifting.’
    • ‘Now, if a statement by the prosecutor that the evidence is uncontradicted constitutes a comment on a failure of the defendant to give evidence, it certainly circumscribes what the prosecution can say.’
    • ‘For completeness, I should record that there was uncontradicted evidence that the services provided to asylum seekers by Mr Chavda were of a high quality.’
    • ‘There are other matters of that kind which, from the evidence, again uncontradicted, would give you a grasp of - and I use that term metaphorically - a grasp of what it would have been like to put this together.’
    • ‘The uncontradicted evidence of the respondent's President shows that after the applicant left its employ the respondent restructured the Corporation's financing to avoid financial ruin.’
    • ‘Your wife therefore denies - or, sorry - gives evidence which is presently uncontradicted by any other evidence, that you were in her house - in her place without her consent.’
    • ‘I accept the Applicant's uncontradicted evidence that this sum of child support was factored in and offset against the interim spousal support previously ordered to be paid by the Respondent.’
    • ‘The evidence is uncontradicted that Mr. Burns had been negotiating with Maple Securities for some time to replace the earlier mortgage that came due at the beginning of February.’
    • ‘He argues that the evidence is uncontradicted that, in fact, more than $19, 461.43 of the loan proceeds were used to finance the projects.’
    • ‘The uncontradicted evidence is that the respondent has attended monthly at Alyssa's school, whenever she has a ‘helper day’.’
    • ‘In this particular case, an application was filed, there was great delay, and you have uncontradicted evidence that these documents were not received.’
    • ‘That, then, invites attention to the fact that the uncontradicted evidence here is that the mother is suffering from a severe psychiatric condition.’
    • ‘The question was, what inferences were to be drawn from the collection of facts revealed by those documents and by other uncontradicted evidence, is it not?’
    • ‘The evidence is uncontradicted that he called Ms. Perdue at the Red Cross office in Toronto to determine whether his name was also on the winning ticket.’
    • ‘The uncontradicted evidence is that he has considered it.’
    • ‘The uncontradicted evidence of Mr. Hopkins was that they refused due to the termination policy set out in the contract proposed by Lithonia.’
    • ‘It arose, I think, because there was uncontradicted evidence of a course of conduct of which the offences charged formed part.’
    • ‘Yet, there is uncontradicted evidence that Ms. Sutton found a wallet and items, many items.’
    • ‘There is uncontradicted evidence that the child is developmentally delayed.’
    • ‘The confession made by the appellant on the morning of the murder, when he was calm, sober and explicit, stands uncontradicted.’