Meaning of uncontrolledly in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnkənˈtrəʊlɪdli/


See uncontrolled

‘Near Freder, upon the illuminated mosaic floor, cowered the little drink-mixer, sobbing uncontrolledly.’
  • ‘The Skylab example can be used again, since it uncontrolledly re-entered the atmosphere in July of 1979, scattering some 20 tons of debris on Australia and the Indian Ocean.’
  • ‘He was standing in front of his mirror, looking at his terrible face with the mustache that had been growing uncontrolledly for already more than three days.’
  • ‘A few moments after he spoke, an elderly woman, glassy eyed from a trance, reeled uncontrolledly through the dimly lit room.’
  • ‘When a storm began, all cannons had to be securely fastened and tied in place; otherwise, they would roll uncontrolledly around the deck, causing havoc.’