Meaning of uncontroverted in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈkɒntrəvəːtɪd/ /ˌʌnkɒntrəˈvəːtɪd/


  • Of which the truth or validity is not disputed.

    ‘uncontroverted gains to scholarship’
    • ‘It seems uncontroverted that the film-makers injected the Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas controversy into North Country, suggesting it had a role in the events the film depicts, even though any such implication would be false.’
    • ‘This evidence is uncontroverted except where the Defendant alleged that Mr Francois is a tax defaulter and not a ‘taxpayer.’’
    • ‘Having regard to that uncontroverted evidence of Mr Bolt's state of mind it is clear that he did not care whether the article conveyed the defamatory imputation or not.’
    • ‘There is credible, strong and uncontroverted evidence that the sole effective support services currently available to the claimant are within the City of Westminster.’
    • ‘The uncontroverted evidence is that, if they are separate, time does not make a difference, location does not make a difference.’
    • ‘The phylogeny produced by Johnson and Patterson is quite robust; it is based on 112 anatomical characters and every node is supported by at least three uncontroverted synapomorphies.’
    • ‘I further hold, in accordance with the uncontroverted evidence that I have heard, that a pregnancy cannot come into existence until the fertilized ovum has become implanted in the womb.’
    • ‘Even more important, the legal conclusions derived from the facts as presented by the plaintiff's lawyer will have to be rigorously scrutinized, even when the facts are uncontroverted.’
    • ‘The uncontroverted evidence is that the applicant finished up 2 ¾ feet south - well, that is on the other side of that second post, in the top photograph.’
    • ‘It is important, however, to define the presumption because the uncontroverted evidence is that there was a leak in the copper tubing running between the oil tank and the furnace.’
    • ‘Evidence that the Democrats amassed a mobilization advantage between 1996 and 2000 is largely uncontroverted.’
    • ‘For my part, I do not understand why this Court should expend any time in relation to this matter if it be the case, as appears to be uncontroverted, that your client is missing.’
    • ‘The evidence is uncontroverted that the parties pooled their funds with the exception of their RRSP's as of 1990 when they both retired.’
    • ‘There had been uncontroverted evidence from Johnston to explain that there had been difficulties in obtaining finance and that was the reason for the delay.’
    • ‘Their expert opinions were essentially uncontroverted.’
    • ‘On the uncontroverted evidence, the property, like the flat before it, was intended to be enjoyed by both Mr. and Mrs. Bilgin as a matrimonial asset.’
    • ‘It should also be borne in mind that the case put at trial in relation to D.M. was a strong one and, apart of course for Mr T.'s complete denial, largely uncontroverted.’
    • ‘The uncontroverted fact is that the Gantzes did not know of the Skyline Agreement with Laudervest or the full price of the whole Project.’
    • ‘He did not, in particular, have evidence that made the uncontroverted medical evidence logically unsupportable.’
    • ‘However, there are a number of uncontroverted facts which we accept.’