Meaning of unconverted in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnkənˈvəːtɪd/


  • 1(of a building) not adapted to a different use.

    ‘good, unconverted barns in his area sell for about £75,000’
    • ‘Can an estate agent include an unconverted garage or attic in the total square footage?’
    • ‘There are still a load of barns on each hillside, unconverted, relatively well maintained.’
    • ‘Bradford supermarket giant Morrisons today warned annual profits would be substantially below expectations as trading flagged at unconverted Safeway stores.’
    • ‘Despite the challenges thrown up by a virgin, unconverted water tower, they can sell for serious money when they do come up for sale.’
    • ‘He eventually settled on an unconverted 23m barge costing £28,000.’
    • ‘An unconverted attic doesn't count as a third storey, by the way.’
  • 2Not having adopted a different religion, belief, or practice.

    ‘unconverted pagans’
    • ‘Even when he leaves us unconverted, he leaves us confused.’
    • ‘Like them or not - and I came away unconverted - rowies subvert the appalling global food culture with a deeply satisfying disregard for the attempt to please all the people all the time.’
    • ‘With a new band, the unconverted audience needs to believe that the guys up on stage are having the time of their life, working in a perfect symbiotic union of sound to express themselves the only way they know how.’
    • ‘As the show continued, Marshall's slow plodding, material began to wear on many of the unconverted.’
    • ‘The unconverted will continue to remain unconvinced.’
    • ‘The unconverted, however, might do well to catch a listen before purchasing, even though the majority of music fans out there might take something from it.’
    • ‘I think there is always a tension in these things between convincing the unconverted that you are right and invigorating your own supporters with a bold campaign.’
    • ‘It's fascinating, if challenging, stuff and the unconverted or bewildered can always hurry home to their Best Of collections for comfort.’
    • ‘The edict of expulsion fell heavily on the unconverted, who had a short time to leave and were forced to sell what they owned for a fraction of its worth to Christians well aware of the urgency of the transaction.’
    • ‘It's enough to make a scientist weep-and to do everything he can to spread his nutrition gospel to the unconverted.’
    • ‘That may be true if you're in the know, but surely the point of campaigns is to reach the unconverted?’
    • ‘The global success of this album's predecessor, No Angel, was as unexpected as it remains inexplicable to the unconverted.’
    • ‘I am not so interested in endless dialogue with the already converted, but I am fascinated by the thoughts and feelings of the unconverted.’
    • ‘Many remain stubbornly unconverted to the cause.’
    • ‘For the unconverted and the disillusioned, fear not!’
    • ‘This delightfully wet herb has come all the way from Spain and costs a mere £19.80 a kilogram, or £9 per lb. for the unconverted.’
    • ‘He was determined to put upon the unconverted the burden of responsibility, and brooked no opposition from metaphysicians… the message of Finney was wholly American.’
    • ‘Was he unconverted and just as lost as any pagan idolater in the ancient world?’
    • ‘Spurgeon once said that Methodism was a noble thing for the unconverted but terrible for the children of God.’
  • 3Rugby
    (of a try) not followed by a successful kick at goal.

    ‘Moore went on to score an unconverted try’
    • ‘In the first half of extra time Eagles kept up the pressure and were rewarded with a penalty goal and an unconverted try to give them the lead for the first time in the game.’
    • ‘Lions' Lee Patterson then claimed an unconverted try, followed shortly afterwards by an Ian Sinfield four-pointer, and with Watson adding the goal points the Lions had a ten point cushion.’
    • ‘This was quickly followed by an unconverted try for Newbury full-back Czertak, which extended the lead to 21-3.’
    • ‘The Cavaliers scored two goals, an unconverted try and two penalties.’
    • ‘This was followed shortly by an unconverted try in the corner for the home side, leveling the game at 12-all.’