Meaning of uncorrelated in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈkɒrəleɪtɪd/


  • Not correlated; lacking a mutual relationship or connection.

    ‘Maximum economies of scale mean the essential goods are uncorrelated.’
    • ‘In the second stage, we apply Independent Component Analysis (ICA) to separate the channels of information from uncorrelated noise.’
    • ‘In large alignments, with fairly randomly scattered ambiguities, site-pattern probability estimates remain close to uncorrelated.’
    • ‘For simplicity, residual effects for both traits were assumed to be uncorrelated.’
    • ‘The sampling interval must therefore be long enough to assure a collection of uncorrelated bilayer configurations.’
    • ‘Correlation between parameters results in wider confidence intervals than for uncorrelated parameters.’
    • ‘The in-plane positions of the pores in fluid membranes were uncorrelated between adjacent bilayers.’
    • ‘In general, in full hydration, the peptide organization in each lipid bilayer is uncorrelated to the neighboring bilayers.’
    • ‘One of the attention tests, the attention switching test, was even shown to be uncorrelated in either experiment.’
    • ‘Correlated targets are various types of space junk tracked and kept in Air Force computers while uncorrelated targets are unknowns.’
    • ‘Our study has the advantages associated with a cohort design, in which exposure and outcome data are objectively identifiable with uncorrelated errors.’
    • ‘In each chain, evaluating the parameters and initially assuming that they were uncorrelated generated a likelihood profile.’
    • ‘A second set of environmental factors were orthogonal and uncorrelated to this first gradient.’
    • ‘We note that the confidence intervals and significance estimates discussed above rely on the assumption of uncorrelated samples.’
    • ‘Blue and red colors in this map indicate negatively and positively correlated regions, respectively, whereas yellow refers to regions with uncorrelated fluctuations.’
    • ‘The word "random" as used in science does not mean uncaused, unplanned, or inexplicable; it means uncorrelated.’
    • ‘Results were satisfactory, showing low Root Mean Square Errors (RMSE), and parameters that were relatively uncorrelated.’
    • ‘These deformations are random, with their amplitude and direction uncorrelated with the center of mass motion.’
    • ‘Was it due to inefficient markets or are there simply no uncorrelated assets?’
    • ‘A second idea that can be exploited when evaluating the quality of forecasts is that fore cast errors should be serially uncorrelated.’