Meaning of uncorrupted in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnkəˈrʌptɪd/


  • Not corrupted.

    ‘Lucinda is uncorrupted by nefarious influences’
    • ‘When he walked out on the band in 1965, he claimed he'd quit because he wanted to play ‘pure, sincere and uncorrupted music.’’
    • ‘The point is also to end criminality so that we have wholesome and uncorrupted politics.’
    • ‘Laura represents everything that he wants; she is an innocent, as yet uncorrupted, a genuine person in a world of silver tongues and those who would use him for their own gain.’
    • ‘A lot of my friends asked me not to go to court for that reason but I find the courts about the one uncorrupted part of Britain.’
    • ‘They remain, by international standards, relatively uncorrupted by money.’
    • ‘I enjoy spending time with you, not a thing I can say for many other people, but also - well, you seem so pure, so uncorrupted.’
    • ‘Why listen to a singer crack a note when you can listen to a recording that was clean and uncorrupted.’
    • ‘People need to know that my column is uncorrupted by any outside influences.’
    • ‘The film will have characters that are simple and uncorrupted like the people who lived in the villages 50 years ago.’
    • ‘Like the sun, he only appeared when shining, always full of kindness and infectious laughter, his mere presence injecting uncorrupted joy into every situation he encountered.’
    • ‘Yes, I think you do have to give up things to gain things, I very much agree with that, and maybe that thing to give up is a purely idealistic, uncorrupted notion of the world.’
    • ‘He found his own direction early in life; he chose a narrow path and never deviated from it; he remained completely uncorrupted by success and by the intrigues of the art-world.’
    • ‘During the first trip he learnt from a monk more than 100 names of plants, most of them staying unaltered and uncorrupted from the ancient names of Theophrastus and Dioscorides.’
    • ‘Good to know there is an organisation in Australia dedicated to uncorrupted, independent journalism.’
    • ‘His shoulders and chest were huge and knotted, uncorrupted by tattoos.’
    • ‘Although I thought could make a copy of my original, uncorrupted disk, the program wouldn't allow it.’
    • ‘Like a whole different city, uncorrupted, out here all by itself, rich and clean, where all that glitters is not just gold but diamonds, rubies, and every other precious gem and metal that one could possibly imagine.’
    • ‘If you have recorded your material to a digital device (such as MiniDisc or DAT) that has a digital output, the digital connectors will give you an uncorrupted transfer of your recording to the computer.’
    • ‘But no version of idealism survives uncorrupted, and the end of the novel raises the question of whether idealism can survive at all when brought up against the everyday horrors of warfare.’
    • ‘To really return to an age when I was relatively uncorrupted, I would need to return farther than is comfortable to think about.’
    virtuous, moral, ethical, good, righteous, angelic, saintly, pious, honourable, reputable, wholesome, clean, honest, upright, upstanding, exemplary, above reproach, irreproachable, innocent