Meaning of uncrumple in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈkrʌmp(ə)l/


[with object]
  • Remove the crumples from; straighten.

    ‘Then she uncrumples a discarded drinks receipt.’
    • ‘We uncrumple a holiday flier from the Hinson Memorial Baptist Church, which contains a handwritten note.’
    • ‘The next thing I remember is trying to uncrumple myself from the space on the passenger side where my feet had been moments before.’
    • ‘He shook the thing he'd taken from his pocket, uncrumpling it.’
    • ‘With an unsteady hand, Ben reached down and picked the paper off the floor, uncrumpling it in his hands.’
    • ‘It looks like a mother uncrumpling papers in her son's backpack to find a missing assignment.’
    • ‘Finally after dislodging some books on a bookshelf and discovering a hidden compartment Caleb uncrumpled a piece of paper and looked at it with a frown.’
    • ‘I left the TV room again, and when I got into the kitchen I uncrumpled the two bills I'd stolen, folded them up, and put them in my pocket.’
    • ‘He uncrumpled the bag from around the water bottle and let the light flimsy plastic drift down behind him, idly fiddling with opening the bottle.’
    • ‘Amy uncrumpled it to discover the dress shirt was perfect.’
    • ‘I uncrumpled the page and saw there was a note in a woman's handwriting.’
    • ‘I uncrumpled the paper and read it.’
    • ‘In one scoop, Chip Morton retrieved the note from the basket and uncrumpled it.’
    • ‘I took the letter from my hand bag draped at my side and uncrumpled the paper.’
    • ‘There was a note stuffed inside, and I rubbed my forehead as I uncrumpled it to read.’
    • ‘I decide to stop the conversation and uncrumple the paper.’
    • ‘I begin to uncrumple the paper, but my mom grabs it out of my hands before I can finish.’
    • ‘He never had black circles under his eyes, nary a spot, and the white coat was always pristine and uncrumpled.’
    • ‘The papers stay dry and uncrumpled for a long period of time.’
    • ‘His charm is low-key and genuine, a wideness about the uncrumpled eyes, a readiness to break into a straight-toothed smile.’