Meaning of unctuously in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌŋ(k)tjʊəsli/


See unctuous

‘‘Neither pots nor pans, nor dish nor spoon should be spared,’ he announced unctuously.’
  • ‘He and his foreign minister have unctuously said that ‘force is always the last resort.’’
  • ‘As one settles in amid the eminently tasteful pine green and deep brown colour scheme, one is instantaneously attended to by the most unctuously helpful staff.’
  • ‘The reporter made a big mistake all right, but it wasn't the one that the rest of the press corp is unctuously wringing its hands over.’
  • ‘Assistants are falling unctuously at her feet, rushing around proffering product in all shapes, sizes and colours.’
  • ‘At their best, Chilean wines are unctuously juicy and intense, with bags of exotic ripe fruit.’
  • ‘‘No further questions, your Honor,’ the prosecutor concluded unctuously, folding his hands and leaning forward with a slight simper that made Peter retch.’
  • ‘Before Kat could give any other thought to what he was doing, Josh turned back around and grinned unctuously at her.’
  • ‘To say the wine is unctuously textured is an understatement.’
  • ‘Claire made an ‘ahem’ sound as she stood smiling unctuously between Zach and me.’