Meaning of unctuousness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌŋ(k)tjʊəsnəs/

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See unctuous

‘It is every thing that one could hope for in a dessert wine, complex flavours (a veritable fruit bowl of exotic fruits), unctuousness, sweetness without being cloying thanks to a hint of noble rot.’
  • ‘An assembly of fresh wild mushrooms was heavily scented with dried ceps, the cheese had been employed with restraint, adding unctuousness to the sauce, and interesting secondary flavour.’
  • ‘Maybe not, but what gratifying editorial unctuousness… Will I blurb a book because its editor implores me charmingly?’
  • ‘They were a play of contrasting textures and flavors: the radish's crisp crunch cloaked by the unctuousness of butter, its mild but peppery bite tamed by salt and cream.’
  • ‘A quick jolt in the microwave will restore its soft unctuousness, even if its soupiness is gone.’