Meaning of uncurl in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈkəːl/

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  • Straighten or cause to straighten from a curled position.

    no object ‘in spring the new leaves uncurl’
    • ‘the doctor uncurled his fingers’
    • ‘In fetal position, they uncurled and curled, then sat up like baby birds begging for worms.’
    • ‘Her eyes were the only part of her that had not shown any fear; her arms were quaking at her sides, her fingers curling and uncurling; her knees looked quite weak at the moment.’
    • ‘He curled and uncurled his fingers against her soft skin, the t-shirt tickling his hand.’
    • ‘I had felt my fingers curl and uncurl reflexively at the mention of my mother.’
    • ‘Kellie absently curled and uncurled a strand of her hair on her finger, something she did when she was nervous or thinking.’
    • ‘‘We've heard about you,’ Nike repeated, curling and uncurling his fists.’
    • ‘Delaney sat back on her couch, curling and uncurling her toes in her fuzzy, blue slippers.’
    • ‘I couldn't sit still and was pacing the room while curling and uncurling my fists.’
    • ‘She shook her head sternly as she uncurled from her position.’
    • ‘She took a few steps back and curled and uncurled her fists.’
    • ‘Ramano remained bent in place for a moment, then uncurled his lip and straightened to his full height.’
    • ‘Looking at her feet, she nodded fiercely and curled and uncurled her toes to maintain the flow of blood.’
    • ‘His hands curled and uncurled with anxiety as he swallowed a breath.’
    • ‘As a kitten is maturing, its ears will gradually curl and uncurl in varying degrees and are not permanently set until the kitten is roughly 4 months of age.’
    • ‘Michael shrugged, unruffled, but I saw his fist curl and uncurl at his side and knew it hurt.’
    • ‘Inching forward, I held the carrot in my palm, uncurling my fingers to allow the rabbit to eat.’
    • ‘He uncurled his fingers and rested his hands in his lap.’
    • ‘We were indeed parked in the student lot behind the school and I let out a sigh of relief as I slowly uncurled my fingers from the dashboard.’
    • ‘I uncurled my clenched fingers and placed them on top of his leather-gloved hand.’
    • ‘Slowly his fingers uncurled to reveal a ring resting on its side in the palm of his hand.’
    make straight, align