Meaning of uncustomary in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈkʌstəm(ə)ri/


  • Not according to custom or the usual or habitual practice; unusual.

    ‘his uncustomary silence on the issue’
    • ‘an uncustomary tactical error’
    • ‘The most surprising element of the week was the uncustomary silence of the First Minister.’
    • ‘A new cautionary diction, an uncustomary prudence inflected our way of talking to one another.’
    • ‘His ability to chase down shots made Federer indecisive and forced him into uncustomary unforced errors.’
    • ‘Burly forward James McDonnell kicked four goals while John Bowen, playing in the uncustomary position of centre half forward, kicked two.’
    • ‘But somehow, for all his foreign ways and uncustomary directness toward Miss Darcy, she trusted him.’
    • ‘As a result, some wonderful informal, unstructured, and uncustomary team-building occurs.’
    • ‘The year ended with uncustomary relative quiet.’
    • ‘With uncustomary modesty, she claimed only precision and finish.’
    • ‘Attics were ransacked with uncustomary thoroughness.’
    • ‘This year an uncustomary extra award was bestowed.’