Meaning of undaunted in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈdɔːntɪd/

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  • Not intimidated or discouraged by difficulty, danger, or disappointment.

    ‘they were undaunted by the huge amount of work needed’
    • ‘The intrepid cast are undaunted by the difficulties of the shoot.’
    • ‘He was saved by undaunted courage, his own and that of hundreds of men.’
    • ‘In recent years Pete suffered grievously from stomach cancer, but his courage and commitment remained undaunted.’
    • ‘Even though the road ahead promises to be difficult, he remains undaunted.’
    • ‘They have emerged from difficult times with a strong balance sheet and an undaunted outlook.’
    • ‘Mr. Sampson is shocked by Mary's reaction, but undaunted.’
    • ‘Fortunately for me, I had spent years training for nights like this and was undaunted by the fact that the bulk of my meal had not yet been placed before me.’
    • ‘Despite an in auspicious start to the holiday, holidaymakers were undaunted and set out in their thousands to the various resorts.’
    • ‘Taking a moment to come to terms with what had just happened, I recomposed myself and returned to my candelight supper, dazed but undaunted.’
    • ‘Tucker was undaunted; he had a tale to tell, and it was important to him.’
    • ‘Haile was undaunted on the podium and in interviews.’
    • ‘Surprised, but not fazed, I plow undaunted through the first few pages.’
    • ‘It is our duty to remain undaunted by the challenges, both emotional and intellectual, that we face.’
    • ‘I like this attitude: irrespective of age, anyone undaunted by imminent parenthood will probably be hopeless.’
    • ‘Even when heavy rain wreaked havoc with some of the street decorations on Coronation eve, street party organisers were undaunted.’
    • ‘In the end, it is her undaunted spirit and self-preservation that is remarkable, not her morality.’
    • ‘I have probably been sounding a bit gloomy about the prevailing moral climate recently but I remain undaunted.’
    • ‘Mr Butler said the school was undaunted and would be looking at other ways of getting funding to improve the ageing buildings.’
    • ‘Throughout her life in athletics O'Rourke has been undaunted by challenges and undeterred by setbacks.’
    • ‘Watson insists he remained undaunted, convinced that success would come with hard work and persistence.’
    unafraid, undismayed, unalarmed, unflinching, unshrinking, unabashed, unfaltering, unflagging, fearless, dauntless, intrepid, bold, valiant, brave, stout-hearted, lionhearted, courageous, heroic, gallant, doughty, plucky, game, mettlesome, gritty, steely, indomitable, resolute, determined, confident, audacious, daring, daredevil
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