Meaning of undecipherable in English:


Pronunciation /ʌndɪˈsʌɪf(ə)rəb(ə)l/

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  • (of speech or writing) not able to be read or understood.

    ‘his almost undecipherable brogue’
    • ‘On the intercom she recognized Landon's voice and immediately understood he was extremely inebriated to the point where his speech was undecipherable.’
    • ‘At first glance, the streets are ablaze with colors strewn across an endless canvas of neon signs with undecipherable writing.’
    • ‘My aunts will ramble on and on in Chinese (and they have their own undecipherable dialect).’
    • ‘Nothing is certain except the fact that people will continue to try continue to decipher the undecipherable.’
    • ‘It's undecipherable, but that rarely gets in the way of success with such projects.’
    • ‘And you can meet many others who, when they speak, it's completely undecipherable.’
    • ‘I tried to wake him up but he was incapable of anything but shifting his legs and uttering a few undecipherable words.’
    • ‘In regards to the undecipherable message, this is my best attempt at a translation.’
    • ‘Waltson tapped his cheek with his finger, and muttered something undecipherable to himself about something-or-other in the thingamabob, and scratched something else down.’
    • ‘‘Go away’ I said, my voice tearing, almost undecipherable.’
    • ‘To me, she was mysterious, as elusive as a dream you try to remember so hard, as different as a four-leaved clover, as intriguing as magic, as undecipherable as patterns in tea dregs.’
    • ‘Vlad watched him go, expression undecipherable.’
    • ‘He stared back at her, expression undecipherable.’
    • ‘Noting we had obviously seen him, Jakium McRuoes now stepped forward into the light, watching us with an entirely undecipherable look on his face.’
    • ‘It was such a wonderful yet undecipherable combination.’
    • ‘Standing only a few feet away from her was Briar, the same rigid expression on his features, his eyes dark with an emotion that was undecipherable.’
    • ‘Their complex writing system, hieroglyphics, was considered virtually undecipherable for thousands of years.’
    • ‘He looked at Amy, who had an undecipherable look on her face.’
    • ‘Voices came from in front of him, soft and quiet, undecipherable.’
    • ‘Yet now, his expression seemed like something I'd never seen before; undecipherable.’