Meaning of undefendable in English:


Pronunciation /ʌndɪˈfɛndəb(ə)l/


  • 1Not justifiable by argument.

    ‘his views are undefendable’
    • ‘The activities of members are also undefendable.’
    • ‘Payzant had declared Boston's student assignment plan "constitutionally undefendable."’
    • ‘When he can't properly or correctly defend his views, as they are undefendable, he sits back with an air of cockiness.’
    • ‘Still you can't defend what is undefendable.’
    • ‘Shame on you trying to defend an undefendable criminal regime!’
    • ‘The reaction of the minister is to justify their undefendable actions under the guise of policy matters.’
  • 2Not able to be protected against attack.

    ‘this border is undefendable’
    • ‘Furthermore, Canada is a large, mostly unpopulated landmass that is virtually undefendable.’
    • ‘Had the team done so, they would have been spread so thin that the site would have been undefendable.’
    • ‘This border is, in fact, undefendable.’
    • ‘Abandon the undefendable settlements, keep the strategic bits and literally build a wall around the remainder.’
    • ‘Mr Waller, who is a member of the Yorkshire Regional Flood Defence Committee, but was speaking in a personal capacity, said many parts of York will be "undefendable".’
    • ‘In reality, the 'Atlantic' powers have arrived at the conclusion that Western Europe is 'undefendable'.’
    • ‘Never let your opponent saddle you with tripled pawns - it's a position that is very nearly undefendable.’