Meaning of undemonstrated in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈdɛmənstreɪtɪd/


  • Not shown to exist or be true.

    ‘The proposal seems to me to be driven by the availability of some surplus Government-owned land and by an undemonstrated belief that this rural location would aid the self-containment of the Centre.’
    • ‘The exquisite phrases that he never tires of hearing are sweet things that went unsaid; the strange, otherworldly canvases he delights in contemplating are expressions of an undemonstrated love.’
    • ‘But this is undemonstrated, and I don't think it was even a ‘necessary’ condition.’
    • ‘He spoke as if it were factual evidence of a previously undemonstrated hypothesis; as if he admitted no other possibility.’
    • ‘In either case, the question concerning the applicability of the essence remains assumed but undemonstrated.’
    • ‘However, many real impacts go undetected and undemonstrated simply because of budgetary constraints.’
    • ‘How exactly that qualification occurs is unclear and undemonstrated.’