Meaning of under-report in English:


Pronunciation /ʌndərɪˈpɔːt/


[with object]
  • Fail to report (something, especially news or data) fully.

    ‘athletes are inclined to under-report their use of drugs’
    • ‘under-reported domestic violence’
    • ‘The details were strangely under-reported and remain so.’
    • ‘Unless stated otherwise, these figures come from research, not police statistics, as victims tend to under-report domestic violence to the police.’
    • ‘She added that in her opinion, hate crime was under-reported and as confidence in reporting hate crime grew, so did the figures.’
    • ‘Given respondents' tendency to under-report illegal or socially undesirable behavior, higher reports would suggest more accuracy.’
    • ‘The reasons for doctors under-reporting adverse drug reactions include fear of litigation, diffidence, and complacency, and pharmacists are likely to hampered by similar constraints.’
    • ‘People with weight problems under-reporting their food intake is so common that attempts to measure how much they eat are almost worthless.’
    • ‘Despite its high prevalence, obesity is documented by doctors only in a small proportion of patients, indicating that this life threatening condition is considerably under-reported in medical records.’
    • ‘An investigation said many city firms have under-reported the true extent of the job losses so far this year, quoting sources who believe the true figure could be in excess of 9,000 jobs.’
    • ‘In practice, it generally means important initiatives are under-reported because journalists hate following up stories that have been given exclusively to their rivals.’
    • ‘I think the secret to our success in public radio, which is of course under-reported by commercial media, is local control.’
    • ‘However, data on this is notorious for being under-reported in most official and research surveys carried out by state or other official organisations.’
    • ‘The article under-reported opportunities to conserve forests, a precious resource threatened by wood consumption.’
    • ‘An internal investigation by the USDA suggests the problems may be under-reported, because too few animals are tested.’
    • ‘Yet this is the most under-reported crime of all.’