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under a cloud

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  • Under suspicion or discredited.

    ‘he left under something of a cloud, accused of misappropriating funds’
    • ‘MPs were now under a cloud of suspicion, and the public could be forgiven for thinking the scandal involved them all.’
    • ‘The fact that the whole industry is under a cloud of suspicion hasn't helped either.’
    • ‘He mixes easily with criminals, and suspicions abound that he was a bent copper who left under a cloud.’
    • ‘As he put it so aptly the other day, far too many local players departed under a cloud and in some cases that bad blood has never been resolved.’
    • ‘The celebrity left under a cloud, which was a great pity.’
    • ‘Her colleague also left under a cloud after it was revealed she had never been licensed to practise in the UK.’
    • ‘But he left New York under a cloud, embroiled in a scandal with a socialite who divorced then murdered her husband.’
    • ‘Doesn't he realise that if he wins preselection this way his parliamentary career will be under a cloud before it even starts.’
    • ‘These tribunals will live under a cloud as long as these questions linger.’
    • ‘He has been under a cloud following accusations of corruption against him by the bank's trade unions.’
    in disgrace, disgraced, discredited, shamed
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