Meaning of under consideration in English:

under consideration


  • Being thought about.

    ‘the abolition of the House of Lords was under consideration’
    • ‘It may pass legislation which deals with some issues in the area under consideration, but leaves others to national law.’
    • ‘That, in fact, is at the very heart of the issue that is under consideration.’
    • ‘As I have already indicated to the member, it is one of the issues under consideration.’
    • ‘The demand for action against bogus language schools has been under consideration within the Home Office for a number of months.’
    • ‘The skip under consideration is not the nimble, rope-dodging footstep favoured by schoolgirls and boxers.’
    • ‘However, the main option under consideration was an increase of 45 per cent.’
    • ‘That matter is still under consideration by the Attorney General.’
    • ‘A plan was also under consideration to give more concessions to the poor and other deserving students.’
    • ‘The location under consideration and the surrounding area are at the core of the old NDG village.’
    • ‘He would not make any further comment on the claims of the objectors while the case is still under consideration.’
    in question, in dispute