Meaning of under cover in English:

under cover


  • Under a roof or other shelter.

    ‘store seats under cover before the bad weather sets in’
    • ‘League standards deem stadiums must have a minimum capacity of 6,000 including 2,000 seats under cover.’
    • ‘This habitat should also contain densely vegetated corridors to allow these secretive birds to move under cover.’
    • ‘They were smart enough to stay indoors, and under cover.’
    • ‘But because it is in October we need most of it under cover.’
    • ‘Dr Kehoe said the bulk of strawberries grown under cover are produced in peat-filled bags, placed on shelves.’
    • ‘Most other events, big concerts, mini-concerts, and workshops, were well under cover.’
    • ‘The stairwell is under cover, not cleaned by rain.’
    • ‘Every day, more than 200 rail passengers park their cycles, under cover at the station.’
    • ‘The programme would be limited to 500,000 cattle due to move on to pasture after spending the winter under cover.’
    • ‘Producers are growing greater volumes of fruit and vegetables under cover.’