Meaning of under foot in English:

under foot


  • On the ground.

    ‘it is very wet under foot in places’
    • ‘Dead pine needles made the ground soft under foot.’
    • ‘In every section, you can smell the air and feel the wet leaves under foot while reading this guide.’
    • ‘Laid in patterns, they're eye-catching and durable under foot.’
    • ‘Usual technique for getting the nuts out from their husks/cases/whatever, consists of rolling them under foot.’
    • ‘The water under foot splashed everywhere, soaking my trainers with 10 strides.’
    • ‘The nostalgic Irish immigrant could feel the land itself under foot and could lean down and touch his native soil.’
    • ‘Firm surfaces under foot would mean that numerous matches could be played consecutively on a pitch.’
    • ‘The leaves, having fragmented under foot are now going into a damp, clingy phase.’
    • ‘The pitch is narrow, it's certain to be boggy under foot and they are not the best of lights to play under.’
    • ‘It hasn't rained here for seven weeks; the grass crackles and crunches under foot, and the bushes droop with lifeless despair.’