Meaning of under load in English:

under load


  • Subject to a mechanical or electrical load.

    ‘when the drill is under load, the speed will drop’
    • ‘This is because the capacitor is breaking down when under load.’
    • ‘However a quiet power supply or a cool power supply means nothing if the power supply doesn't keep voltages stable under load.’
    • ‘A common measure of PSU quality is how much variance is observed on the various voltage rails under load.’
    • ‘Whether they're considering stable power under load, or the quietest possible unit, or simply the one with the brightest LEDs, depends on the person in question.’
    • ‘In my brief experience, the CPU idles at about 25° with water-cooling installed, but this figure goes up to as much as 30° or 35° under load.’
    • ‘This keeps the noise of the fans down when the PSU isn't under load and generating much heat.’
    • ‘The result is more constant power that is less likely to fluctuate under load.’
    • ‘The benchmark results under load show that the manufacturer's claim is correct.’
    • ‘It seems that when magnesium is brought to temperatures like that encountered in engines and transmissions, there is a tendency for deformation under load to occur (creep).’
    • ‘I'm assuming that the vibration is noticeable only when the car is under load (when it's in gear) and the engine is running at idle speed.’