Meaning of under one's arm in English:

under one's arm

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  • Between one's arm and one's body.

    ‘Meryl tucked the papers under her arm’
    • ‘You tuck the paper under your arm, and you're whistling when you walk through the front door.’
    • ‘A man clambers onto the streetcar after having bought the daily paper and tucking it under his arm.’
    • ‘He was carrying Jason and Jules' breakfast in a brown paper bag tucked under his arm.’
    • ‘She tucked the paper under her arm and took a sip of the steaming tea.’
    • ‘Anyway, I folded the paper and stuck it under my arm.’
    • ‘I went back to the house, Sunday paper under my arm, and had coffee on the porch before anyone else was up.’
    • ‘The official tucked the papers and the passports under his arm and left.’
    • ‘Over the past few years, I have become accustomed to patients coming in to see me with reams of printed paper under their arm.’
    • ‘A frazzled looking officer hurried out of the office with a large paper rolled up under his arm.’
    • ‘An hour and a half later, he was trotting through the corridors with the papers under his arm.’
    • ‘The door burst open and a worn-out man stepped in with a stack of papers under his arm.’
    • ‘Alex was carrying the canvas now wrapped in brown paper under his arm.’
    • ‘Pen put the paper under her arm and fished around in her wallet for her bus pass for she noticed that the bus had just pulled up.’
    • ‘If you have anything worth saving, tuck it under your arm and start walking.’
    • ‘I leave with K's birthday present tucked under my arm - a beautiful abstract landscape painting, of the St. Ives school.’
    • ‘I also awarded myself a 500-point bonanza for arriving home without a carpet tucked under my arm.’
    • ‘Yesterday I dashed out for a surf, trotting off down the street in my wetsuit, board tucked under my arm.’
    • ‘Josh clacks away on his skateboard, which he tucks under his arm when we reach Nicollet Mall.’
    • ‘He has speed and strength, and a unique ability to tuck the ball under his arm and run for a first down.’
    • ‘Worse still, it smacked of the little boy who refuses to let go of one ball even when he has another tucked under his arm.’