Meaning of under one's breath in English:

under one's breath

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  • In a very quiet voice; almost inaudibly.

    ‘he swore violently under his breath’
    • ‘She swore softly under her breath as she began to push her way through the crowd.’
    • ‘She stared at the empty glass for a moment, and then swore quietly under her breath.’
    • ‘They chanted softly under their breath in a language said to have died with the ancient evils.’
    • ‘I growled quietly under my breath and frowned at my reflection from a shop window.’
    • ‘I wandered through the apartment door in a daze, humming quietly under my breath.’
    • ‘Shiro cursed quietly under his breath as he ran a frustrated hand through his dark hair.’
    • ‘My eyes followed his steady pace around the room as he tore at his hair and swore under his breath.’
    • ‘Andrea jerked to a stop again at another traffic light and he swore under his breath.’
    • ‘Swearing under his breath, he stopped the juggernaut and stepped out.’
    • ‘Even Ryan was murmuring under his breath.’
    softly, making little noise, in a low voice, in hushed tones, in low tones, in muted tones, in subdued tones, in a mumble, in a murmur, in a whisper, murmuringly, under one's breath, in an undertone, sotto voce, gently, faintly, weakly, feebly