Meaning of under one's feet in English:

under one's feet

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  • In one's way.

    ‘when you're at home you just get under my feet’
    • ‘It's nice when I have the occasional flurry and get a few more hits, in the same way that sometimes it's nice to have a house full of people but you wouldn't want them under your feet seven days a week.’
    • ‘If you really must have them out from under your feet, get dad to take them for a long walk in the park or countryside.’
    • ‘It's nice to spend time with a partner, but it's also a blessed relief when they get out from under your feet for a while.’
    • ‘There are 16% more doctors than four years ago - but 45% more managers getting under their feet.’
    • ‘I'm determined to help out rather than get under their feet.’
    • ‘Big Harry was not best pleased because they got under his feet as he was trying to do his job.’
    • ‘‘My wife usually loves this time of year because I'm away from under her feet,’ explained Criner.’
    • ‘His wife, 36-year-old nurse Lenore, joked that she is just pleased that they have a hobby that gets them out from under her feet.’
    • ‘If he is not actually working, he would vastly prefer to putter outside or in a shed rather than to sit about getting under her feet.’